Web3 meets NFT 2.0

Metaown Is the first closed NFT marketplace and metaverse think tank of its kind. Bringing you the coolest, rarest, most amazing NFT projects in the Metaverse whose value is backed by physical assets.


Our secret sauce is our set of carefully curated NFT projects that are supported by physical goods or services as the underlying value behind each drop.

Whether it be big names in art, film, gaming or sports, to a unique play-to-earn game, we make sure it keeps to Web3 philosophy. The creators and the community must be recieve the most value.

We want you to be a part of our community by becoming a Metaowner

As a closed community you must become a Metaown pass holder to be able to access the platform and its drops. Holding a Metapases grants you utility in each Metaown experience in various forms. A limited number of Metapasses have been and no additional passes will ever be created.

Join our Discord community today to be the first to learn how to become a Metaowner and learn about our upcoming drops before anyone else.

Your metapass gives you access to:

The coolest, most exclusive projects & NFT drops

Metaown marketplace

Exclusive community events and experiences

Members only benefits like: full and fractional ownership of NFT projects, first right to NFT drops, etc.

Metaown Roadmap

Phase 1

Building the NFT 2.0 Community

First members accessing the Discord and websites community. These communities would be available before mint. Current and future features will be always integrated through this channel.

Phase 2

Metapass Drop, Become a Metaowner!

Official launch of our metapasses collection drop, would allow holders to access our exclusive marketplace, benefits, dynamics and community. Reward the growing community with giveaways including NFTs and special roles within the community with whitelisting benefits.

Phase 3

Metaown NFT Marketplace

A primary and secondary marketplace for Metaowners to buy, sell and trade curated Metaown NFT projects.

Phase 4

The New P2E Metaverse for Physical Goods.

Let the game begin with this P2E metaverse. The first stage of the game will be set in the Wild, Wild West in the Gold Rush era. Players will be able to dig for physical and digital rewards by becoming landowners, miner or outlaws. Just imagine trading your gold NFT for actual gold! More incredibles lands to come in future phases of this epic game.

Phase 5

Durmientes, The First Feature Film To Be Funded by NFT’s

Own a piece of history by becoming a holder of the Durmientes feature film NFT’s . The first feature film to ever be funded using NFT’s. Metaowners will get behind-the-scenes access to how the movie is created from the ground up and even star in this long-feature- film alongside some of the industry’s top names.

Phase 6

Surprise Drops

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but we are already partnering with some very big names in retail, tech and art to bring you an out of this universe NFT experience…Stay tuned!

Meet The Founders of Metaown

Created by four serial entrepreneurs who saw the need to create a new kind of NFT platform where the value of each NFT project is backed by a physical asset. Metaown already has the backing of several prominent entrepreneurs, artists and international brands that seek to launch their projects on the platform.